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  • 01 dellsangels hagel und gewitter ueber auto
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First aid for cars in case of damage caused by hail

Thanks to the Dells Angels repair service you dispose in short term help and manpower. Please use the practical on line form and the Dells Angels are on the way to you soon.

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Hotline 0800 21 12 21

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Dells Angels – the repair service in case of damage caused by hail and parking damage

Hail sweeps across the land. The hail caused damages in the region and dozens of vehicles are damaged too: a great challenge for the local garages and car body shops. Fortunately there are the Dells Angels. The Dells Angels are a repair service with p.d.r. specialists.

With p.d.r. technique, the Dells Angels repair hail and parking damage on vehicles. Was there a hailstorm in your region?

Just call us free of charge on 0800 21 12 21 and the desired number of specialists will come to your garage or to your car body shop.

Storms in Switzerland?

Storms in Switzerland?

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Storms in Germany?